(c) FreeFoto.comI have been visiting irc channels lately, especially the #TeamWhiskey one as I am a user of their rom for the Samsung Vibrant.  My buddy Miles has a cold.  He was kind enough to make some Stop Motion animation that featured me, so I am returning the favor.  Feel better.

As long as I can remember my parents have been treating my numerous colds with the same old remedy.  Warm Lemon Tea…

I used to think of this as the devil’s arm pit juice.  It tasted horrible.  Horrible.  And I would attribute the fact that it really worked to the cold not wanting to share the same body with such a foul concoction.  But, due to it’s healing powers I would submit time after time.  When it came time to make my own tea – after I moved out I tried cough drops and TheraFlu for a few years – I decided I would find a solution to the flavor issue.  After all, lemon tastes quite good on it’s own.  Now here I’ll throw in a little FYI, in spanish Limon is the green one and Lima the yellow one.  I am referring to the green citrus in this post, but both are equally suited to the task.  I cracked the code…  It tastes wonderful…  I use it ALL THE TIME.  Here we go.

Ingredients: (1 serving)

1 Limon or Lima (I prefer whatever the green one is.)

1.5 cups of water.

1 Tablespoon of either Molasses, Brown Sugar, or Honey

Prep: Set the water to boil.  If using either Molasses or Brown Sugar add it once the water begins to warm and stir to dissolve.  If using honey wait til water is boiling then add and stir.  Next squeeze all the citrus juice into the water, wait 30 seconds and turn off the heat.  You can pre squeeze the juice so it goes faster.  When the liquid has settled drop in the rinds with the rindside down.  (Like little boats…) Let the rinds steep for about 2 minutes.  Citrus rind oils are a natural decongestant.  Serve in a mug and enjoy.  Try to resist having cookies with it.  And don’t go outside for a while after.

So, why does this taste so much better than the old fashioned way?  The ingredients that tend to go bitter don’t get cooked.  Just warmed enough to function.

Enjoy, everyone.  And feel better.

Image courtesy of FreeFoto.com.