This was originally a comment for someone else’s blog post.  But, I feel it stands well on it’s own.


I recently went in to the Apple store on 5th ave in Manhattan.  They do have a a line to pay, but since it was buried in between rows and rows of product tables and drooling shoppers I simply couldn’t distinguish it.  So, it seems I cut off a bunch of people.  After a few minutes I realized my error and then immediately realized that the people shopping in the Apple Store at 11pm on a Friday night are not the kind of people that would say something to a poorly dressed, bearded, long-haired, 220+ lbs man with various colors of paint up to his elbows.  No, they don’t speak to those kind of people.  I was glad of that.  In fact it was very lucky as it seems it took no less than 5 employees to first figure out, then visit the back room twice, and finally make a somewhat solid determination that they simply didn’t have the product I was looking for.  I went in to buy the OS X Lion update on the USB Key Disk for a client.  I was amazed it took so long for us to – I HOPE – be on the same page, but this next bit just made me glad I wasn’t going to be the one paying for the update.  I asked, “Could you tell me which stores actually have it?”  Three employees stopped in their tracks and stared at me before the obvious trainee jumped at the chance to save the day, “You know you could just download it from the App Store!” I simply said, “I have four computers.”  I also illustrated with my fingers just in case.  Blank stare.  Blank stare.  Blank stare…  “Oh, that makes sense.”  I knew they’d eventually catch up.  Trainee, “We don’t have a way to do that.” after looking at her neighbor for a sign.  Sleight shaking of the head.  I had to make sure, “You . can’t . check . the . stock . from . other . Apple . Store . ?”  This time they both shook their heads.  Fine… “Can I get a list of phone numbers please?”  She was quite helpful and googled the numbers for me.  Yes, googled.  As I walked away I could tell the people in the line were thinking, “HA! YOU LEAVE EMPTY HANDED, PAINTED MAN!  You don’t get your shiny Apple iItem that we’ve never heard of either!”  I was so happy to leave.


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