The boys when young...

I came to this with no ideas or expectations.  It just showed up in my Netflix suggestions on the Roku.  C.R.A.Z.Y. is about Zac and his family life through several decades starting in the 60’s.  I was surprised at how many reflections of my own life there were in this film and in the most unexpected ways.  Memo vs Zac – We were both dropped as babies.  We both had differently colored hair patches on the backs of our heads.

—Ok, I never finished the review. But, I watched the film again so now it’s back.  This time I saw it on the Boxee Box. The Roku became a gift for my cousin who is Netflixing it to an early grave. :o)  Sooo….—

Some more common connections were there as well.  We were mostly the babies of the family.  We both grew up gay in a family that wasn’t prepared to deal with that…  Also, probably the one that struck me the most, was that our fathers had a special relationship to music and what that meant to us as children.  I remember sitting with my dad and listening to his old tango songs for hours.  I felt good that there was something that made him so happy.  Anyway, back to the film. Simply, the script is wonderful, the characters are real, and it’s visually yummy.  They also did a great job at jumping through time – it was well cast – where you forget different actors played younger roles.  Watch it.  I don’t tend to repeat movies much, but this one will definitely be staying on my queue.