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“To BnB or Not to BnB” or “To Air is Human”

AirbnbSo, for the past few months I have been trying to figure out how I am going to pay my rent post-divorce.  I kept thinking that I could easily just work more hours doing antique restoration and pay it from my wages.  And I could were it not for all those unforeseen events that seem to always be happening to me.  The latest, a severe bout of carpal tunnel.  Both my hands are sore, my gripping ability is diminished, and I only have feeling in my pinky in my right hand.  It’s hard to manipulate tools when you have to guess what your hand is doing.  So, it seems I have to rent the spare room.  I actually dread having to have a roommate again.   It’s not that I’ve had terrible experiences, but I’m already used to living alone.  Living with a partner is also not the same as living with a roommate.  But there’s another option.  A better option…   Read more

Review: C.R.A.Z.Y.

The boys when young...

I came to this with no ideas or expectations.  It just showed up in my Netflix suggestions on the Roku.  C.R.A.Z.Y. is about Zac and his family life through several decades starting in the 60’s.  I was surprised at how many reflections of my own life there were in this film and in the most unexpected ways.  Memo vs Zac – We were both dropped as babies.  We both had differently colored hair patches on the backs of our heads.

—Ok, I never finished the review. But, I watched the film again so now it’s back.  This time I saw it on the Boxee Box. The Roku became a gift for my cousin who is Netflixing it to an early grave. :o)  Sooo….—

Read more

Review: La Bête

La Bête

I went with a group of friends to see La Bête at the Music Box Theatre.  We wanted to celebrate a friends birthday and had all gone for a bit without a Broadway show.  So, the organizer came up with La Bête and we all agreed.  Some of us more freely than others – I’d never heard of the show – and were happy with the results.  Sadly it is closing in a week.  The last performance will be JAnuary 9th.  It seems many shows are closing this month… Fela and In the Heights are also leaving.

If you can get out to see it, it’s worth it.   Read more

Performance this weekend!

Come here . Watch . Be . See . Play

Saturday, August 28

1:00pm: Washington Square Park
2:15pm: Washington Square Park
4:00pm: Westbeth Courtyard, 155 Bank Street Street
(between West Side Hwy and Washington St)

Sunday, August 29

1:00pm: Hudson River Park, Pier 46
2:15pm: Hudson River Park, Pier 46
3:30pm: Hudson River Park, Pier 46

Pier 46 is at the intersection of Charles St and the West Side Hwy. Read more

Review: Mary and Max

Mary and Max mirror image cropped and transparentedMary & Max – Am I ever glad I found this one.  The film follows the friendship of Mary Daisy Dinkle and Max Jerry Horovitz.  Mary is a little girl living in Australia. Max is an over-the-hill, overweight New Yorker.  They are pen pals.  And this film is claymation. It is very good. I would watch it again.  Mary has to deal with her awkwardness and self image issues in a less than nurturing environment.  Max has Asperger Syndrome.  Their multi-decade, long-distance friendship is at times inspiring and at times painful.  Thankfully these complex little clay people are voiced by some great actors.  Read more

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