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“To BnB or Not to BnB” or “To Air is Human”

AirbnbSo, for the past few months I have been trying to figure out how I am going to pay my rent post-divorce.  I kept thinking that I could easily just work more hours doing antique restoration and pay it from my wages.  And I could were it not for all those unforeseen events that seem to always be happening to me.  The latest, a severe bout of carpal tunnel.  Both my hands are sore, my gripping ability is diminished, and I only have feeling in my pinky in my right hand.  It’s hard to manipulate tools when you have to guess what your hand is doing.  So, it seems I have to rent the spare room.  I actually dread having to have a roommate again.   It’s not that I’ve had terrible experiences, but I’m already used to living alone.  Living with a partner is also not the same as living with a roommate.  But there’s another option.  A better option…   Read more

Review: La Bête

La Bête

I went with a group of friends to see La Bête at the Music Box Theatre.  We wanted to celebrate a friends birthday and had all gone for a bit without a Broadway show.  So, the organizer came up with La Bête and we all agreed.  Some of us more freely than others – I’d never heard of the show – and were happy with the results.  Sadly it is closing in a week.  The last performance will be JAnuary 9th.  It seems many shows are closing this month… Fela and In the Heights are also leaving.

If you can get out to see it, it’s worth it.   Read more

New Twist on Old Classic – Lemon Tea for the Winter Chill

(c) FreeFoto.comI have been visiting irc channels lately, especially the #TeamWhiskey one as I am a user of their rom for the Samsung Vibrant.  My buddy Miles has a cold.  He was kind enough to make some Stop Motion animation that featured me, so I am returning the favor.  Feel better.

As long as I can remember my parents have been treating my numerous colds with the same old remedy.  Warm Lemon Tea…

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I want to leave New York City

To start off, yes, I am a country mouse.  I am proud of it and have never tried to hide it.  Yes, I was born right here in the same area of Queens I am living now, but I was raised in Florida surrounded by huge open spaces.  Putting all that aside, I am very easy to adjust.  I can fit in pretty much anywhere and pick up the rhythm easily.  So, what is it about New York that makes me want to leave?  Read more

Performing in FringeAL FRESCO !!!

Not My ProblemFringeAL FRESCO is basically the outdoor theater division of the New York International Fringe Festival.  The two pieces we are doing are Not My Problem and Inside, Not Looking Out directed by Hiram Pines and Debora Balardini respectively.  I’ll be adding details as they come in.  I am including a letter we are sending out to friends and family looking for support in our work.

These are the wonderful people I am working with on this project:  Debora Balardini, Hiram Pines, Daniela Mastropietro, Sandie Luna, Perri Yaniv, Elisa Matula, Renee Brown (Pictured), and Memo (Me!)

Thanks and please leave comments!

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