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Usefulness of Dreams

This was taken soon after moving to NYC.  Jones Beach, Long Island

Memo running to the Oceamz photo by Pipe

I have for some time now been recording my dreams as soon as I wake.  Some I have been able to write in great detail.  Others have been mere glimpses.  Some have very clear threads to my waking life, others blurry, pale reflections of nonexistent future memories.  I tend to look to my dreams for guidance and inspiration.  Do they contain a message.  Sometimes I truly hope so.  Sometimes I fear they might.  But, they always serve as fodder.  Fodder for a conversation, a joke, a question, and my favourite… art.  One of my dreams has, over the past year, turned into a script for a web-series, perhaps a cable program.  The script no longer resembles my dream, but it was born there.  Telling this dream to a friend is what set the whole ball in motion.  I took her and another friend on as a partners to write and produce… and star in this project.

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Mobile Post Test

This is here just to test if I can post from my Android phone.  I can be anywhere, doing anything, in any state of undress…  posting happily to my blog.  THIS is why I left iWeb…  Muhahahaha!

It is not without its glitches, but still better than remote login to the home.

UPDATE:  I can even update the posts from my phone.  Nice.


Coz you gotta have frennnnnndz!

Over the past day I have been migrating my meager blog to wordpress from iWeb.  iWeb is very simple.  Easy to put up. (Even to third party webhosting.)  Easy to post.  Easy to re-edit.  Somewhat easy to customize the look beyond the templates.  But, two very important things made me jump ship.  Read more


Concept Bike by Josef Cadek

Bike design by Josef Cadek

Good mornin, chirrenz. Yes, I have been working on the site… on a Saturday… before sunrise.

So, on topic, I have been checking out folding bikes online. The one above is a concept bike by designer Josef Cadek. If cars did that we wouldn’t have a parking problem in NYC and the city would go bankrupt – no parking tickets means no revenue. You should see how some of these meter maids will hunt down someone that slowed down in a no standing zone. It’s all very Lion/Gazelle.  Read more


NYC Bus Door Warnings - Photo by Memo

Ok, so, I have a new site in the works.  Gonna set it up in a blog style for “ease of use”.  I am sick of trying to figure out how to make a fancy site that doesn’t say anything about me.

So, here we go.  Hopefully, I will get better at using these templates and have a nice site sooner than later.  Maybe I’ll put up a few of my photographs and tell you all what I am up to.

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