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Hello again….

I’m finally doing some updating to my site. The activity is spurred by me finishing my first movie!
It’s a 6 minute short called On the Bench. And yes I have two other films floating about, but those haven’t been edited. So this is my actual first completed film!!! CAN YOU TELL I’M EXCITED!!!!

Here are some pics from the shoot.

I just finished a new film called On the Bench. Check it out at a festival near you!

I want to leave New York City

To start off, yes, I am a country mouse.  I am proud of it and have never tried to hide it.  Yes, I was born right here in the same area of Queens I am living now, but I was raised in Florida surrounded by huge open spaces.  Putting all that aside, I am very easy to adjust.  I can fit in pretty much anywhere and pick up the rhythm easily.  So, what is it about New York that makes me want to leave?  Read more

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