Performance this weekend!

Come here . Watch . Be . See . Play

Saturday, August 28

1:00pm: Washington Square Park
2:15pm: Washington Square Park
4:00pm: Westbeth Courtyard, 155 Bank Street Street
(between West Side Hwy and Washington St)

Sunday, August 29

1:00pm: Hudson River Park, Pier 46
2:15pm: Hudson River Park, Pier 46
3:30pm: Hudson River Park, Pier 46

Pier 46 is at the intersection of Charles St and the West Side Hwy. Read more

I want to leave New York City

To start off, yes, I am a country mouse.  I am proud of it and have never tried to hide it.  Yes, I was born right here in the same area of Queens I am living now, but I was raised in Florida surrounded by huge open spaces.  Putting all that aside, I am very easy to adjust.  I can fit in pretty much anywhere and pick up the rhythm easily.  So, what is it about New York that makes me want to leave?  Read more

Review: Mary and Max

Mary and Max mirror image cropped and transparentedMary & Max – Am I ever glad I found this one.  The film follows the friendship of Mary Daisy Dinkle and Max Jerry Horovitz.  Mary is a little girl living in Australia. Max is an over-the-hill, overweight New Yorker.  They are pen pals.  And this film is claymation. It is very good. I would watch it again.  Mary has to deal with her awkwardness and self image issues in a less than nurturing environment.  Max has Asperger Syndrome.  Their multi-decade, long-distance friendship is at times inspiring and at times painful.  Thankfully these complex little clay people are voiced by some great actors.  Read more

Performing in FringeAL FRESCO !!!

Not My ProblemFringeAL FRESCO is basically the outdoor theater division of the New York International Fringe Festival.  The two pieces we are doing are Not My Problem and Inside, Not Looking Out directed by Hiram Pines and Debora Balardini respectively.  I’ll be adding details as they come in.  I am including a letter we are sending out to friends and family looking for support in our work.

These are the wonderful people I am working with on this project:  Debora Balardini, Hiram Pines, Daniela Mastropietro, Sandie Luna, Perri Yaniv, Elisa Matula, Renee Brown (Pictured), and Memo (Me!)

Thanks and please leave comments!

Read more

Cyanogen Rocks! (Update 08/27/2010)

CyanogenMod on G1I mention in another post that I was pushing my phone to it’s limits.  I would very much like to expand on that.  I have the T-Mobile G1, a.k.a HTC Dream.  This was the first phone to push Android onto the American mobile scene.  Android has become better and stronger – we have the technology.  It’s recent version, 2.2, is known as Froyo and is not available for all handsets yet.  Older hardware like the G1 may never see an official version of it.  That’s why CyanogenMod has become so crucial to the Android world.  It’s not that other ROM designers aren’t out there – there are quite a few – it’s that Cyanogen and his team have really created a community around these mods.  It runs the gamut: Twitter, Facebook, Wiki, Forums, IRC Channel, and more.  On any given night you can find the shoutbox questions flying and peer modders just ready to help.  I put my time in there once in a while as a way to spread the love.  I am currently running CyanogenMod-6.0.0 RC1, an experimental state ROM that has given new life to my phone.  Read more

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